Travel Badge Collection

A cohesive lineup of hardgoods and clothing that make up an eyecatching display

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Canada Travel Badge on Adult Hoodie
Canada Travel Badge on Adult Basic Tee
Canada Travel Badge Tin Campfire Mug
SKU: SM-MUG93059
Canada Travel Badge Mug
SKU: SM-MUG93060
Winderness Adventure Patch
SKU: SM-SI25089
Let's Explore Canada Canoe Patch
SKU: SM-SI25090
Moose Profile Badge Patch
SKU: SM-SI25091
Hexagon Flag Patch
SKU: SM-SI25092
Diamond Script Canada Patch
SKU: SM-SI25093
True North Circle Patch
SKU: SM-SI25094
Bear Profile Patch
SKU: SM-SI25118
Great White North Arrowhead Patch
SKU: SM-SI25119
Wild & Free Diamond Patch
SKU: SM-SI25120
Wilderness Moose Patch
SKU: SM-SI25121
Paddle Away Oval Patch
SKU: SM-SI25122
Wilderness Adventure Patch Lapel Pin
SKU: SM-SI25083
Let's Explore Lapel Patch Pin
SKU: SM-SI25084
Moose Profile with Trees Patch Lapel Pin
SKU: SM-SI25085
Hexagon Flag Patch Lapel Pin
SKU: SM-SI25086
Canada Script Diamond Patch Lapel Pin
SKU: SM-SI25087
True North Circle Patch Lapel Pin
SKU: SM-SI25088
Bear Profile Patch Lapel Pin
SKU: SM-SI25112